Progressive Pickleball Clinics

Progressive Clinics

Progressive Clinics are ARE ON HOLD due to COVID-19 for the 200 season.  We look forward to offering Progressive Clinics in the near future.  See below for information that explains what a Progressive Clinic is and when you join the Red Deer Pickleball Club next year, you’ll have access to our wonderful instructors!

Progressive is a series of lessons continuing from week to week offered for RDPC members as they move from their current level to 2.5 skill level. This will be a requirement for any new players IF they want to play in any rated skill level club events. The cost of our introductory progressive clinic is included in the annual membership fee.

These lessons/clinics are intended for NEW players or players that want/need a refresher.  If you are new to Pickleball, don’t have a skills rating, don’t know what a skills rating is, then this is for you.

If you picked up a paddle and never received any “real” guidance or instruction beyond a friend or relative, then it is probably for you also.

Introduction to Pickleball, includes Pickleball Court Layout, basic Pickleball stroke motions, On-Court Safety, Pickleball Etiquette, Proper Paddle Grip, Warmup, Footwork to get you to a 2.5 Skill level rating.

After successful completion players may move into the Level 1 of the “Rated Skill & Drills Bootcamps” if they so choose.


“Thanks Jane and other instructors. You and your volunteers did a wonderful job.
It was a great clinic.  Now to try to try and work on putting the skills into a game.  Tough job.”

“By the way, I can’t say enough good things about the Red Deer Pickleball Club’s lessons. The city should be hiring you folks to run their intro classes” Jeff

“My wife never listened to me when I told her how to play. She’s learning a lot and having fun. You saved my marriage” Tony

Drills & Skills 2.5

“It went fabulous tonight, the instructors rocked! Cheers,


The information below explains how the Progressive Clinics were organized in the 2019 season.  Stay tuned for clinics in Spring, 2020:

The progressive series takes players through three weeks of instruction.  With a Tuesday Start, a Wednesday Start, and a Saturday Start.

“Progressive Clinics” will run on:

  • Thursday evenings 6-8 pm and
  • Saturday afternoons 3:30-5 pm
Intro to Pickleball Progressive series

Interested but You’re NOT a Member?

Well, we’d prefer you to join, we understand you want to try before you jump into the deep end of Pickleball.  Contact us, and we’ll review our openings available on a one to one basis. Contact Us