We are sorry, but due to the limited Indoor space available during the winter months, the Red Deer Pickleball Club does not offer any learn to play or beginner lessons, during the winter months.  We hope to resume our learn to play programs in May 2020.

See you at the courts!

Jane White
Director of Coaching and Player Development


Learn to Play Pickleball - For New Members

All lessons and clinics are over for the 2019 season - see you in 2020 for lessons & clinics!


These lessons/clinics are intended for NEW members of the Red Deer Pickleball Club.  Those players that want/need a refresher.  If you are new to Pickleball, don't have a skills rating, don't know what a skills rating is, then this is for you.

If you picked up a paddle and never received any "real" guidance or instruction beyond a friend or relative, then it is probably for you also.

"Learn to Play Pickleball" - This is not a Progressive Clinic.  This is 1 (one) - 3 hr Lesson.

This is strictly a "learn to play" the game instructional.  Including

  • court layout,
  • basic rules and safety tips,
  • grip,
  • ready position,

Followed by basic fundamental shots dinking, serve, return of serve, groundstroke, punch volleys, blocks, and if time permits and Mother Nature cooperates........lobs and smashes.

Then ending with a game where scoring and court positioning is explained.

Instructor to attendee ratio max 1:8

The Cost Is $10 per member to attend

Sign Up For Learn to Play - Dates in 2020 TBD

TBD for 2020

Sign Up For Learn to Play - Dates in 2020 TBD

TBD for 2020